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Helping our clients achieve the future they envision

Since 1872, we've offered our clients products and services to help them accomplish their financial goals.

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Concepts That Describe BB&T

BB&T is an organization committed to its core values. We believe that these concepts will give you an understanding of how we live these values throughout our organization.

 Client Driven

  • "World Class" client service organization.
  • Our clients are our Partners.
  • Our goal is to create Win/Win Relationships.
  • "You can tell we want your business."
  • "It is easy to do business with BB&T."
  • "Respect the individual, value the relationship."

We will absolutely never, ever, take advantage of anyone, nor do we want to do business with those who would take advantage of us. Our clients are long-term partners and should be treated accordingly.

One of the attributes of partnerships is that both partners must keep their agreements. We keep our agreements. When our partners fail to keep their agreements, they are terminating the partnership.

There are an infinite number of opportunities where we can become better together, where we can help our clients achieve their financial goals and where our clients will enable us to make a profit in doing so.  
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 Quality Oriented

  • Quality must be built into the process.
  • In every aspect of our business we want to execute and deliver quality.
  • It is easier and less expensive to do things correctly than to fix what has been done incorrectly.
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  • "Waste not, want not."
  • Design efficiency into the system.
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 Growing Both Our Business and Our People

  • Grow or die.
  • Life requires constant, focused thought and actions towards one's goals.
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 Continuous Improvement

  • Everything can be done better.
  • Fundamental commitment to innovation.
  • Every employee should constantly use their reasoning ability to do whatever they do better everyday.
  • All managers of systems/processes should constantly search for better methods to solve problems and serve the client.
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 Objective Decision Making

  • Fact-Based and Rational

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 BB&T Management Style

  • Participative
  • Team Oriented
  • Fact-Based
  • Rational
  • Objective

Our management process, by intention, is designed to be participative and team oriented. We work hard to create consensus. When people are involved in the decision process, better information is available to make decisions. The participant's understanding of the decision is greater and, therefore, execution is better.

However, there is a risk in participative decision making: the decision process can become a popularity contest. Therefore, our decision process is disciplined. Our decisions will be made based on the facts using reason. The best objective decision will be the one which is enacted.

Therefore, it does not matter who you know, who your friends are, etc.; it matters whether you can offer the best objective solution to accomplishing the goal or solving the problem at hand.
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 BB&T Management Concept

  • Hire excellent people
  • Train them well
  • Give them an appropriate level of authority and responsibility
  • Expect a high level of achievement
  • Reward their performance

Our concept is to operate a highly autonomous, entrepreneurial organization. In order to execute this concept, we must have extremely competent individuals who are "masters" of BB&T's philosophy and who are "masters" in their field of technical expertise.

By having individuals who are "masters" in their field, we can afford to have less costly control systems and be more responsive in meeting the needs of our clients.
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 Attributes Of An Outstanding BB&T Employee

  • Purpose
  • Rationality
  • Self-Esteem

Consistent with our values, successful individuals at BB&T have a sense of purpose for their lives, i.e., they believe that their lives matter and that they can accomplish something meaningful through their work.

We are looking for people who are rational and have a high level of personal self-esteem. People with a strong personal self-esteem get along better with others, because they are at peace with themselves.
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 BB&T Positive Attitude
Since we build on the facts of reality and our ability to reason, we are capable of achieving both success and happiness. We do not believe that "realism" means pessimism. On the contrary, precisely because our goals are based on and consistent with reality, we fully expect to accomplish them.
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BB&T's Obligations To Its Employees
We will do our best to:

  • Compensate employees fairly in relation to internal equity and market-comparable pay practices - performance-based compensation.
  • Provide a comprehensive and market-competitive Benefit program.
  • Create a place where employees can Learn and Grow - to become more productive workers and better people.
  • Train employees so they are competent to do the work asked of them. (Never ask anyone to do anything they are not trained to do.)
  • Evaluate and Recognize performance objectively, fairly and consistently based on the individual's contribution to the accomplishment of our mission and adherence to our values.
  • Treat each employee as an Individual with dignity and respect.

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Virtues Of An Outstanding Credit Culture
Just as individuals need a set of values (virtues) to guide their actions, systems should be designed to have a set of attributes which optimize their performance towards our goals. In this regard, our credit culture has seven fundamental virtues:

  • Provides fundamental insight to help clients achieve their economic goals and solve their financial problems: We are in the high-quality financial advice business.
  • Responsive: The client deserves an answer as quickly as possible, even when the answer is no.
  • Flexible (Creative): We are committed to finding better ways to meet the client's financial needs.
  • Reliable: Our clients are selected as long-term partners and treated accordingly. BB&T must continue to earn the right to be known as the most reliable bank.
  • Manages risk within agreed-upon limits: Clients do not want to fail financially, and the bank does not want a bad loan.
  • Ensures an appropriate economic return to the bank for risk taken: The higher the risk, the higher the return. The lower the risk, the lower the return. This is an expression of justice.
  • Creates a "premium" for service delivery: The concept is to provide superior value to the client through outstanding service quality. A rational client will fairly compensate us when we provide sound financial advice, are responsive, creative and reliable, because these attributes are of economic value to the client.

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