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'All we see is you' in action: Meet Brittany Brown
Jan 28, 2019

Teams across BB&T live up to our tagline “All we see is you” in a variety of ways to meet the needs of many. For Student Leadership Programs Manager Brittany Brown, “All we see is you” resonates in her work to shape tomorrow’s future leaders.

In her role at The BB&T Leadership Institute, Brittany Brown oversees BB&T’s leadership philanthropic efforts and manages a variety of programs for students in high school through graduate school.

“At The BB&T Leadership Institute, ‘All We See is You’ comes through in the work we do with students of all ages. Our goal is to help them realize the importance of self-awareness in their leadership journey. Our programs are built on the experience of discovery – what your leadership strengths and challenges are and how they are working for you or getting in your way,” Brown said.

Brown oversees the BB&T Financial Foundations Program, LEGACY: A BB&T Leadership Challenge Mobile app, BB&T Emerging Leaders Certification for high school students, BB&T Emerging Leaders Certification for college and university students, and BB&T Emerging Leaders Certification for graduate students.

The lessons she and her teammates impart on their students are some she wishes she would’ve learned at a younger age.

“The ability to understand that your beliefs drive your behaviors and create the results you see in front of you gives you a power to change what isn’t working for you and recognize what is moving forward. Understanding you are a leader with or without position power can change the way you perceive the world,” Brown said.

Because of these programs at The BB&T Leadership Institute, Brown and her team are able to positively impact a large number of students across the BB&T footprint, and the number continues to grow each year.

“We reach an increasing number of students each year. Last year, we certified more than 4,000 students through the program. We already have 65 schools signed up for the program for next year,” Brown said.

Helping students see their potential is something that extends beyond Brown’s role at The BB&T Leadership Institute, too. When she and her husband are not busy taking care of their playful, energetic 1-year-old, Brown enjoys practicing yoga as a certified hot yoga instructor.

Whether it’s a class of students or a class of yogis, Brown’s understanding of leadership encourages others to see how they, too, are leaders, to learn more about themselves today so they can harness that knowledge to make them even better leaders tomorrow.

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