Our Philosophy

Strategic Objectives

Create a High Performance Financial Institution that can Survive and Prosper in a Rapidly Changing, Highly Competitive, Globally Integrated Environment.

Achieving Our Goal
The "World Standard" Revenue Driven Sales Organization
"World Standard" Client Service Community Banks
Commitment to Education/Learning
Our Passions

Achieving Our Goal

The key to maximizing our probability of being both independent and prosperous over the long term is to create a Superior Earnings Per Share (EPS) Growth Rate without sacrificing the fundamental quality and long-term competitiveness of our business and without taking unreasonable Risk.

While being fundamentally efficient is critical, the “easy” way to rapid EPS growth is to artificially cut cost. However, not investing for the future is long-term suicide, as it destroys our capability to compete.

The intelligent process to achieve superior EPS growth is to grow revenues by providing (and selling) superior quality service while systematically enhancing our margins, improving our efficiency, expanding our profitable product offerings and creating more effective distribution channels.

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The "World Standard" Revenue Driven Sales Organization

At BB&T, selling is about identifying our clients’ legitimate financial needs and finding a way to help the client achieve economic goals by providing the right products and services.

Effective selling requires a disciplined approach in which the BB&T employee asks the client about financial goals and problems and has a complete understanding of how our products can help the client achieve objectives and solve financial problems.

It also requires exceptional execution by support staffs and product managers, since service and sales are fundamentally connected and creativity is required in product design and development.

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"World Standard" Client Service Community Banks

BB&T operates as a series of “Community Banks.” The “Community Bank” concept is the foundation for local decision making and the basis for responsive, reliable and empathetic client service.

By putting decision making closer to the client, all local factors can be considered and we can ensure that the client is being treated as an individual.

To operate in this decentralized decision making fashion, we must have highly trained employees who understand BB&T’s philosophy and are “masters” of their areas of responsibility.

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Commitment To Education/Learning

Competitive advantage is in the minds of our employees. We are committed to making substantial investments in employee education to create a “knowledge-based learning organization” founded on the premise that knowledge (understanding), properly applied, is the source of superior performance.

We believe in systematized learning founded on Aristotle’s concept that “excellence is an art won by training and habituation.” We attempt to train our employees with the best knowledge/methods in their fields and to habituate those behaviors through consistent management reinforcement. The goal is for each employee to be a “master” of his or her role, whether it be a computer operator, teller, lender, financial consultant or any other job responsibility.

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Our Passions

To create the best financial institution possible.

To consistently provide the client with better value through rational innovation and productivity Improvement.

At BB&T we have two powerful passions. Our fundamental passion is our Vision: To Create The Best Financial Institution Possible — The “World Standard” — The “Best of the Best.” We believe that the best can be objectively evaluated by rational performance standards in relation to the accomplishment of our mission.

To be the best of the best, we must constantly find ways to deliver better value to our clients in a highly profitable manner. This requires us to keep our minds focused at all times on innovative ways to enhance our productivity.

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